Friday, 1 January 2016


My green gloves finally have a hole in them.

With my frugal attitude and careful preservation of everything I own, how could that possibly be a good thing?

When I changed my lifestyle around in 2010, gloves and mittens was one of the first things I started looking at.
I had had a period where I would loose one glove of a pair. And usually not one from each but I would end up with three left hand gloves.
So I identified these cheap synthetic green gloves as my next par to loose. (They were possibly bought some time around 2008 when I had a green phase.)
They lasted me through that entire winter. In the spring of 2011, I bought for 1 € a black pair of really cheap fleece gloves at the sale of the cheapest sports shop in town. They were to be my second pair to loose.
Two weeks later I found a very nice pair of brand name hiking gloves in a trash heap. After cleaning they became my third pair of gloves that I could loose. (Seriously, I think the previous owner wore them new, got them dirty and threw them out.)

The green gloves and the cheap black pair have stayed with me for four years. I never managed to hang on to both of them for four years. I thought I would move on to the nice hiking gloves the following winter.

Now, however, the green gloves have a hole in them. By now, also, I have changed. The hole will be mended and I will probably be able to wear them the rest of the winter, way into 2016.

Waiting in my storage box I have the following gloves and mittens:
The above mentioned brand name warm hiking gloves.
Another high quality brand name fleece gloves
Four pairs of hand knitted gloves my mother has made (and I am grateful for every pair, before her hands gave up on fine knitting).
Ski-gloves I hope to use soon.

I really do not need any gloves or mittens within the foreseeable future.

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