Saturday, 2 January 2016


Task for January: Presents and decorations for the year.

What are you planning to give away as a present this year? Did you get anything that will be suited as a present for somebody else? My mother knitted me a lovely pair of mittens and I immediately gave them to my mother-in-common-law who was very amused and happy about them. I got a spatula that unless used by then, will make a lovely gift next season. (I left the tag on it.)

If you did Christmas decorations, it is time to plan for taking them down. Sort through, inventory, store safely.
At the same time, sort through all holiday decorations for all seasons. Spring decorations, Midsummer, birthdays, Fall and harvest festivals, light festivals and of course what you have left from this years New Year's party. Most can probably be re-purposed for several celebrations.

We hang small electric lights for birthdays, and the same banners are used for all celebrations. We keep them up all through the dark season. They brighten our mornings and evenings.
Buy nothing for the holidays in terms of decorations this year. Live with what you have, or make your own. Make any excuse you want but nobody cares, nobody important will think less of you for not having new decorations for the season. It is the companionship that matters.

If you really wish you had new or other decorations for the holidays - make a list of what you want, to see what you can make during the year, find in the second hand shop, be given by friends or actually decide that you do not need. You can even make banners from this years holiday cards (if you got any) and hang them next year. If you really wish you could have more decorations for next year, now is the time to buy what you need for Yule next year. They are all on sale.
Just remember what you have. Make a list.

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