Monday, 11 January 2016


Filling the table salt shaker from the large, value pack of salt, I say:
- Why is the package wet?
- Has something spilled from the top? the man asks.
- We'll have to  empty the cupboard then.
- This is wet too.
- Look how dirty it is.
- We'd better move the cupboard then.
- I'll empty all the food.
- Should we move all the cupboards?
- Look how dirty it is.
- Is it leaking from the pipes?
- We'll clean it all off and then we can see.
- Can you take all the frames off too, including the nails, please.
- I'll get the vacuum cleaner first.
- Look, maybe I should move the fridge.
- Look how dirty it is.
- If you scrub the pipes, I can scrub the wall.
- We'd better clean the entire wall.
- Can we use the paint cleaner on the wall?
- We have paint too.
- If you go to the basement for the rollers I'll get the paint.
- I'll fill the holes with plaster first.
- I get water all over the floor when I scrub it.
- But you could put the proper painters cover plastic on the floor first.
- It is done, it took ten minutes.
- Look how clean it is.
- Let's make lunch on the camping cooker.
- We'll let it dry for a while.
- It is so clean that maybe we do not have to paint the wall.

To make a long story short - now we are re-painting the kitchen.
One wall at the time.


  1. Replies
    1. AND we are looking contemplatively at the flooring...

  2. Replies
    1. We are indeed quite funny in the ridiculous sort of way, enjoying it immensely.