Wednesday, 6 January 2016


I picked up a book from the street library the other day. I found very few sentences marked although the book has obviously been read many times.
These were the marked sentences:

- Auto suggestions will be direct rather than indirect. A positive one has much more force than a negative one. p 64

- In giving yourself a suggestion, acceptance by the inner mind is needed or it will not be carried out, no matter how much you may consciously want this. p 65

- Coué [that is Émile Coué) made a sage observation - "When the imagination and the will are in conflict, the imagination will always win." p 68

- The law of the dominant effort - the idea always tends towards realisation and a stronger emotion always counteracts a weaker one. p 68

- The real secret to positive thinking is belief. p 94

The book was: Leslie M. LeCron clinical psychologist Self-hypnotism The technique and its use in daily living, Signet 1970. According to the cover she is a clinical psychologist; according to Wiki she is an anthropological linguist and this book does not appear among the listed publications.
 Yes, it will go back into the street library (open exchange book case).

There is however something quite compelling about these sentences. I wonder what the previous reader was trying to make of the whole thing about auto-suggestions (today more often called mantras) since this is the only topic underlined. 

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