Sunday, 17 January 2016


I have been working my way through my sweaters since December. I have also been working my way through my pile of not so nice t-shirts, tank tops and tops.
I am now quite bored with all the tatty t-shirts. I have packed them away, and am now living a life of luxury using only t-shirts from the "good pile".
It is truly luxury. It is as if I have got a brand new pile of clothes. I have not worn them for almost a month and they all feel new and fresh.
I like that I have nicer things saved for special days, even if it is just a nicer pair of jeans or a better cotton t-shirt than on regular days. 

I read about people who make capsule wardrobes by choosing a set number of garments to only use during a set period of time. I do not think I have enough clothes to do that, and I do not think I need to. I do not live in complete wealth any more.

I have some surplus though. I use my surplus to feel my wealth and to provide luxury in my normal life. Most days however, I use just normal, tatty clothes and I try to wear them until the end of their natural life.

I have found that there are three sweaters that really are worn. Not worn out and still OK for work with a jacket over it. None of them are nice though. Other than that, there is nothing wrong with them. I like them and I wish they were not that worn.

But they are worn and they need to be worn out. Consequently, these three sweaters are to be used every week until they fall apart beyond repairs. They are always put back on top of the sweater pile when all other sweaters (if any) are put at the bottom of the sweater pile. I usually take a sweater from the top so this will ensure that I use them more often than others.

I will also be on the road for a few weeks and if I bring these, they will for certain be used all the time.

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