Tuesday, 5 January 2016


One of my health targets for 2015 was to take control of my weight. I have not done as well as I wanted but I have not failed. Currently I am 4,5 kg over target weight.

The goal it to come down to 0 or at least lose 3 kg and keep it off for the full year.
3 kg does not sound much and it isn't. It will not make me thin. It is a start and the finish is to keep it off for the year.

It is an attainable goal, not a vision. -3 kg will however make all your current clothes fit so much better (and may get you into some of the clothes you already have). That will save you a lot of money this year.

We all know what to do to lose weight. Stay hungry! Drink water instead of snack.
Move more and eat less. Keep doing it. That is what it is all about.
Personally, I primarily need to stay off the potato chips and the sweet bags. 

I plan do do monthly updates on my weight, just as I do with my money. This is my main health target for the year. It is just the top of the health plan though.


  1. The last few kgs always seem the hardest though, don't they? I'm delighted to have weighed in today at 77.4kg, when I was 78.7kg in the past 10 days. The hungry has been worth it. Now I need to add more exercise, and things should keep going well.

    1. Last? Oh dear, but yes, positive thinking, let us call it the last. More exercise is always the answer and being busy is always good.