Monday, 18 January 2016


The cold has hit us. (It is really only frost and just about below zero (C)). Even I have turned into a continental hot-house flower and I will call it cold.

I have abandoned my rain clothes - the jacket and the trousers that does both rain and wind through most of the year.  I have dug out my proper winter coat.

My winter coat is a jacket without any brand label and without any other distinct features than that it has a hood, deep pockets and is warm. Very warm.
I know I bought it at some low-price sports clothes market shop and I am sure it is sewn by some poor slave worker in appalling conditions. I do not think I paid more than 50€ for it but then it was a long time ago. Probably - 2007 - possibly?

I know I will continue to use it until the coat dies. Not only because it is the work of somebody hard labour. But also because I usually only use it a few weeks per year. I try not to wash it every year as I notice that it looses the warmth by each laundry. Spot-cleaning of collar and lower end of sleeves is enough (as well as wiping of occasional mustard stains down the front from eating at the football club.) I do not have any need for a warm winter coat.

I wear with my rain trousers to keep the chill out. (I fit into my new jeans but there is really not any room left for long underwear.) I add another layer of socks in my boots, at least one of them are knee high. I put on sleeves with double mittens and I don my very juvenile hat with flaps.

I know how to dress in the cold and I will not suffer from it. I normally do not dress very well and there is most certainly no need to dress well when there is the occasional cold snap. I do have a nicer coat for light winter and fall that would keep me warmish if I really have to dress properly for winter. (That coat is bought in 2008 on a sale for 30€ because it had lost its belt. I still wear it without its belt and it serves me very well.)

I pride myself from knowing how to dress in the cold. When I was a student in Wisconsin, U.S.A, in the beginning of the 1990's, I had a doctors appointment one morning in the winter. Out of all the patients that had come in that morning, I was the only one with still normal body temperature. All others, everybody else (and we are talking the northern part of the US with very long and cold winters) all of the others had dressed insufficiently and managed to lower their body temperature, and some of them dangerously so.


  1. Now that I walk to work every day, I dress properly and I rarely get over-chilled! I did have to train myself, though: I used to think, "It's probably not that cold out" and then I would find out the wind chill is terrible. So I respect the outdoors better now!

    1. I did that with the children I used to live with, nothing else worked. It is nice to have a brain and use it, isn't it!