Tuesday, 2 February 2016


My goals for 2016 are as follows.

Work: Continue with present company, four days a week. Seek documented qualifications and keep CV updated.

Studies: Keep going for a masters degree but also read voraciously about other things.

Finances: Aim for a stable 30 years annual budgets but be unafraid until it falls below 27.

Pleasures: Do something fun every week. Plan and execute an adventure for the summer. Take a trip at least every second month.

Languages: Keep it up with the language of the man, attend language meeting. Use the two others and look into formalising some of the neighbouring languages.

Health: Keep the weight off and down. Daily walks and daily micro exercises. Brush teeth no less than twice a day, floss and dental liquid regularly. Strengthen feet and balance. Keep sleep good. Use sun cream.

Friends + Family: Be in touch with the list of friends. Keep an eye on health of old relatives.

Lifestyle: Live frugally. Be intellectual daily. Have small adventures. Enjoy the present.
Live in reality. Stay off the Internet.

this blog will cease to have daily updates, I will cease to read what everybody in blog-land are doing and thinking. Instead I will do and think here, now, with people around me and for myself.

Go out side. Listen to real people. Learn something.