Tuesday, 1 March 2016


All is well in viking land and all is well in the land where the viking roams.

My lifestyle is still focused on the daily laughter, the weekly celebration of something random, the treats, the fun, the small adventures. The targets for 2016 are on track.

Family members in the viking lands is old and older they get every day. One is doing fine and having a jolly good time (or at least manages to pretend to, which is a good first step). The others are busy happy or being cared for by caring, loving people. I do my best to cheer and care for the carers. The ones cared for have lost most of mind. I think of the times that were had. We must all go in the end.

Friends are equally in hard times. I cheer and send silly messages and it seems to be all that can be helpful. Some things just require hard work to get through and we around them just have to ease the burden while they are doing the hard work. The hard work still has to be done and by them only. Lovely people all of them though. I could use a few more local friends though. The language barriers are being worked on so the only remaining task is to find my kind of people.
Anybody here close to Mokum?

Health is still my important priority. The amounts of fibre has been increased with good results. Eyes are currently a concern but hopefully be sorted.  The summer adventure of 2016 has been visualised and the formal plans are just weeks (week?) away to be completed. It is an adventure. I am already a bit scared. It will be not only a memory for life but possibly also the beginning of something completely different. But we are old(-ish), and I wonder if I am fit enough. So I do my daily micro exercises and work to get the stamina going too. More daily dirty dancing possibly? Weight is fine, not great but I fit into my new jeans.

Studies are better this year than last. Although the topic is not my personal choice (its a mandatory masters course) the involvement of students and professors makes it interesting. My personal reading topic is focused on the summer adventure which unfortunately does not have much to do with the official studies.

And work is good. The bosses are nice. I got a good raise, I will get professional qualifications, we are hiring and there is currently not very much to do - for me.
Finances is picking up too. Today's calculation gave a FI of 28,20 years so in all not too shabby. No major tax payments are expected for 2016 so the financial independence number should stay stable this year.

I have time for the man, he's fine (very excited about the summer adventure, it is almost scary) and we are good. The weather is even better. All is relaxed and here and now in the present.

This is what less TV and even less blog reading creates. I keep an eye on some but very occasionally. They are fine too, or will be (looking at you, hip-lady).


  1. May I ask what are 'micro exercises'?

  2. Glad to hear from you and it sounds like life is good.