Thursday, 3 March 2016


I have dropped the kitchen scales. And I have dropped the kitchen scales again.
And again.

Eventually the scales decided that not even its love of the man was going to stand the abuse any more, and refused to participate any longer.
The man pretended that it didn't matter and that he didn't need scales.
Still he kept digging the broken scales out of the electronic waste collection bag again and again, pretending that they were fine.
So, consequently, I had to get new scales in the house.

I used the same process for this buy as all other buys.
First a list of needs was identified (scales for kitchen, handling at least 1 kg, able to set to zero, not looking too ridiculous)
Second it had to be cheap.
Thirdly it had to at least pretend to look reliable.

I started looking for it in the second hand shops, but no luck.
Secondly I went through all cheap shops, starting somewhere in the middle unfortunately without luck. The look was fine but the price was just really too many times too high.
I then went the rounds through the cheapy shops and had luck. One looked really good look, seemed very reliable and was just just above the price limit.
It actually cost €2 less than the ticket price for some reason I did not stay to enquire about.

The scales are now in the kitchen, sprucing up the entire decor. The man is very happy.
It is so new, the newest thing we own. 

The man must wash his hands before using it. 
I should not use it at all or I will break it.

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