Monday, 14 March 2016


Voluntarily living as if we have no money, gives us some immediate benefits.
Not only the benefit of saving and holding on to money.
Not only the benefit of enjoying the little things in life.
Not only the benefit that there are so many little things in life to enjoy.
Not only the benefit of patience, adventure, curiosity and learning.

We also have the benefit of when things go bad, we don't care.
We care that it will cost money.
We care that we can not make plans.
We care that people are stupid.
We care that things do not go our way.
But we have no mortgages to care about, no financial worries, no deteriorating property, no career ambitions to manage.
There is no lack of laughter in our lives.
There is no lack of love in our lives.
We eat fun things and we can still light a tea light every night.

We will stay on the path as it swerves.
We can be like willow and just bend when the storm hits.
In the eye of the storm, we can rest.


  1. I find that I feel a tad envious of your lifestyle.

    1. You will be fine. Start with anything that will give you a good belly laugh today. And then another one tomorrow with a smile to the sun. The day after, treat yourself to pancakes. Then perhaps a sunset and a hug and you are on the right track.

  2. You are wise beyond your years.

    1. Thanks, but in all honesty it is just old age. Or Taoism. Or "contain your frustrations". Or what happens when a string of bad words comes to an end...