Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Rhythm 'n blues

The results are in.

It is tachycardia. Not the heart valves, no heart attack, no cancer, no lung problems, nothing else.
The heart just decided to beat to a different drum.

I suppose everybody needs a change.
The heart and I are now going full galoppety-gallop a couple of times a day.
Full speed ahead. Ships ahoy and take no prisoners.
Not very pleasant but it doesn't last very long and IT IS NOT LIFE THREATENING!

When it happens I want to behave as a heroine in an 18th century novel. Press one hand on my heart, the other on my forehead and roll my eyes back into my head dramatically.
Add white hankie-chief and a floral dress with lace.

It actually feels as if somebody is doing voodoo on me and has just ripped my heart out of my body and squeezes it real hard until it lets go and the heart snaps back into the body.
Not entirely pleasant but harmless enough.

What else can I say about it that will make light of it?

It is not life threatening and it may even disappear in a few months. I am in good care, have free health care* and I have 29 annual budgets** in the bank, a lovely man, a nice job and a good boss. I am healthy and the heart is healthy in every way, just having its occasional temper tantrums.

I still need all good heart jokes though. Jono, thank you for starting the trend. Please add more!

Any information about tachycardia (sinus) out there? Anybody who have had it? Have it?
Can I change the rhythm, possibly to a more African beat? I would like that, or a slow reaggae beat perhaps. I could have a nice life to a nice reggae beat.

*Free health care: The ambulance ride cost me €40! The hospital charged me afterwards. Still a good ride and most importantly, still cheaper than some of the fair grounds!! I just almost wish I wouldn't have lived so close to the hospital so I had got more of my moneys worth. Forever the true frugal spirit.

** FI-number from beginning of May.


  1. I googled tachycardia to understand more,i understand less now. I wish you good health . I think youe spirit is a good medicin.

    1. I do not understand it either and I have even had it explained. I think will be better off just listening to the birds instead.

  2. 40 Euros isn't so bad. My entire retirement savings got used up from three major medical procedures. Huge deductibles. I know some recent afib sufferers, but they are regulated now. It just took a while to get it figured out and normalized. I am glad it is not too serious and you've got a lot of good things going.

    “The worst time to have a heart attack is during a game of charades.”

    1. Ahhh Jono, I knew you would come up trumps! Not only did I snort, I think I actually giggled out loud. Well done!
      Thanks for good news about others, it is indeed reassuring. And yes, thank the heavens and the regulators for available, uncharged health care!

  3. Hey Onevikinggirl ... If it's troubeling you a lot, you might be able to take some medication (beta blockers) to make the chances of it happening less. But those medications may also lower your blood pressure a bit.

    Maybe it helps to know that it won't hurt you? Let them happen, and just wait until they pass?

    I'm not sure if you're using caffeine (coffee, tea), if so, you could try what going decaf does for you.

    1. Good advice all around, thank you! And yes, it does help knowing it will not hurt me!!!!

  4. " I just almost wish I wouldn't have lived so close to the hospital so I had got more of my moneys worth" .....Brilliant!