Tuesday, 14 June 2016


I have had no less than two ambulance rides in my life. 
One recently. Efficient but perhaps a little short

Let me instead tell about the ambulance ride I had in East Germany when they decided I had to come down from the 17th floor with a standing-room only elevator and the ambulance boys looked so worried, I actually stood up for them. And that the ambulance took the way over the cobble-stone roads almost shaking me off the stretcher made from wood without padding and that we THEN got stuck in road works and the man in the back with me opened the side-door and asked the road workers to get us through and I thought I would be helpful by screaming a little while the door was open, and the ambulance man almost fell out laughing? We got through to the hospital and I was cured with yoghurt, dry bread and tea (a proper 'Ossie' treatment) after very high-tech diagnostics. 
Now THAT was a fun ride! 
And free!

Like the wonderful football gift the Republic of Ireland gave the Kingdom of Sweden last night. 
We could not be more grateful. 
Worth a pint!
(In a can from a cheap supermarket of course; we are frugalists after all.)


  1. I was an EMT (emergency medical technician) for about ten years. While we don't usually have traffic issues I really love the screaming while the door was open to get through the construction quicker. Brilliant! I would have laughed,too.

    1. There is truly nothing so scary as when an ambulance pulls up outside your door and nothing so reassuring as when the staff starts dealing with the problem. I'll be providing helpful screaming whenever needed.