Wednesday, 22 June 2016


The repainting project in the kitchen is finished.
The last part of the radiator was painted, the covering plastic cleared out and the paint pots packed away.
From start to finish the project took three years (planning and pondering), five months to paint (effective time four evenings) and an hour (last part, three months later).
And it even included painting the ugly black piping in the hallway.
As well as one of the radiators in the living room. Astonishing!

All but one paint pot was packed away.
Because when the paint brushes are wet, the next project was initiated.

This time all available electrical outlets are taken off, cleaned from old paint, the insides vacuumed and the part of the wall around the edges of the outsets painted.
(Almost all our walls are white so it is easy to repaint seamlessly.)
When all is dry, the plastic especially, the outlet is screwed back on again.
If I do four at the time, the first has completely dried when the last is cleaned.
The last is dry when the floor is cleaned.
Everything can be reassembled. It is clean and white and just melts into the wall unnoticeable.

Now I just have to keep it up and get all done before the brush dries up on me.
(I keep it wrapped up airtight.)
Five more electrical outlets and switches to go.


  1. Bravo you! Somehow I never get beyond the planning and pondering.

    1. Never say never, the planning stage can indeed be quite long.

  2. It is good to know that your projects take the same length of time to complete. From forming the idea to actually getting it done was a very realistic time frame. Quality work takes time. Don't rush it.

    1. This is the positive approach, I will always support the positive approach.