Thursday, 9 June 2016


Lesson learned.

Know what you have at home before you buy anything.
Know exactly what you have. Know what it is.

I know what I have. Last year I was absolutely certain I knew what I had. I could have sworn on it. With a long line of carefully strung together curse words, I could have sworn on it.

So, I bought bras with detachable straps. Besides regular white straps, I knew I also had beige, black and transparent straps at home.
When the detachable straps where actually put to use, it turned out, I knew nothing.
Less than Jon Snow I knew. (popular reference I know how to use, but doesn't quite know - either).

Not only did the transparent straps only survive one single use. (How could possibly plastic straps from the 1980s deteriorate into nothing after only one use? *heavy irony*)

It also turned out that what I knew, was no knowledge at all. Completely built on sand.
Shattered by reality
The black strap turned out the be exactly that. One strap. One single black strap.
The beige strap was the same. One strap. One single beige strap.

Instead of having three pairs of bra-straps waiting for use for years, it turned out I have two broken and two single odd coloured straps.

And I have learned my lesson. I know nothing without checking, re-checking and counting.
I really must know what I have, open bags, look at quality and quantity of my assets.
Dang, I wish I would have know it earlier. I wish I would have done my bra-calculation better last year. It has been added again as a task for this year.

Now, the question is; can an almost fifty-year old person wear different coloured bra straps?
I suppose the answer is that nobody should ever show bra straps to the public unless it is intended, so it really does not matter. Odd coloured bra straps will be used to remember that I know nothing.

What do you not know but are sure that you know?


  1. Being a mere male, may I say that you should wear whatever coloured straps you chose. Throw caution to the winds; orange bra, blue straps, perfect!

    1. But.. but.. but.. - it's UNDERwear. Sousvetments!!!
      Although false modesty is not becoming in the opinionated, I will take your advice. Beige straps on a white bra - with my background, I am such a radical!

  2. Growing up I was taught that my bra straps must never show and that, of course, one could not wear a black bra under a white shirt. Rules such as these have gone by the wayside. You may do as you like. And, perhaps, only one strap will show at a time, so it won't matter that they are different colors!

    1. Hm, so you are telling me not to be too hard on myself. You probably are right.