Monday, 13 June 2016


We are both fat and unfit.
My weight goal is not going too well and the man has developed the cutest little dough-belly.

This is what happens with illnesses, injuries and is possibly a result from giving away the scales.

The scales had to be lent to a friends mother who suddenly took very ill and needs twice daily weighing. I think it is a permanent lend, and that is fine. It is not quite the same as finding things in the house to give away as presents but one item left the house with a good cause. They had some issues anyway and will be more important for her than they ever were for us.

However, without the scales I am unable to follow my weight goal of coming down from +4,5 kg to 0. I will have to use my old jeans as a measuring stick. (Today they fit and I wear them!)

The man has not been running for a while due to injuries. While I was ill, I lost stamina and muscle tone. He also lost his usual leanness. Consequently we are both hard work doing micro exercises.
We need to strengthen the muscles needed for the adventure in July.

Instead of eating, this is something we do in the sofa and on the floor while we watch two-three games of football per day for the coming month.
Are you doing your exercises while watching football?


  1. Summer's a good time to lose weight. We are more interested in getting out and moving and tend to eat lighter foods. At least that's what I'm hoping as I try to drop the winter pounds! Good luck with your efforts!

    1. Thanks Shawn for reminding all of us to keep the positive thinking up. Good going and good work!

  2. Summer is here and I am reading a little less and outside moving more. As long as I keep my eating under control I should lose my winter weight by September. We're all in this together! I am going to try your micro exercises.

    1. I will follow you, and rather keep an eye on the eating rather than the loosing. And by September we will all fit beautifully into all those clothes that are now just the tiniest bit too tight!