Sunday, 26 June 2016


Politics is serious stuff. Politicians deal with real issues.
Somewhere, somebody, some people just realised.

With fifteen years towards, in and about decision making in the European Union, I never doubted.

Pom pom pidom -
My financial future is a little risky at the moment but my current money are safe.
I suppose I could always got back to the EU business. 
The work market within the EU just got better for those of us who speak English good enough to be native - but are not native English speakers.
And for the Irish.
And the Scottish independence is looking more likely than Bonnie Prince Charles ever expected.

But what about Jersey?


  1. As an American and an English teacher, I've always been very envious that the English could so easily get teaching jobs in Europe. They've thrown that away along with so much else. If we all just hold on and do nothing, our finances will eventually bounce back.

    1. You and I are both very lucky. The only thing important is of course when eventually will happen.

  2. Lucky for me I don't have any investments anymore. All went for medical expenses. I think I could be happy sweeping the streets in Norway or just volunteering for whatever was needed.

    1. Auch, that is a hard reality. There is always Norway. Lots of fjording horses there that needs a good hand.