Monday, 20 June 2016


Interesting weekend. Instead of filming, we got a road construction crew. Hours of fun watching them from the window. (I love watching other people work!) It turned out I had the dates of the filming all wrong. Good thing though, football has taken up most of the time. Besides none of my preferred teams doing well (actually, no team is doing particularly well) I also sliced a piece of my own thumb with my own kitchen knife. Blood everywhere - Fortunately first after yesterday's bonanza of meatballs. 

Because yesterday I made meatballs.
40 lovely tasty meatballs out of one kilo of half pork-half beef mince meat. I also used home made bread crumbs made from leftover bread from a party long ago and my own secret mix of spices.

I make great meatballs, not as good as my grandmother's though, but a lot better than my mother's.

So I had to get all the spices out of the cupboard. Not only to spice the meat with but primarily because they live in our second largest oven form and that one is used for the meatball making.
Consequently, I looked through all the spices. The man came past and was pressed into action too.

Now, I will admit that I do not consider the best use by date on spices particularly relevant for the decision to keep or to use spices. Taste, taste, taste is the key.
However, if it has not been used for three years and the best by date is not even in the last decennium, I will question why we keep it. 

We ended up throwing out five different spices, including the sesame seed as they did taste rancid. The oldest had its best by date in the year 2000.

Left in the cupboard are 24 different spices, not including a quite disgusting spice mix in a pretty jar that however can be used when cooking beans and lentils.
They can stay another year. They are all used.

How many spices do you have? Do you use them.


  1. I hear you! I have whittled my spice collection down to: ginger, cinnamon, mixed spice, cardamom, turmeric, cumin, curry powder, sage and thyme. I use chorizo a lot to get the flavour in, and lots of fresh herbs. :)

    1. That is only 9 spices, 10 and of course all fresh ones.
      You made me do a full facepalm realising the fresh herbs on the balcony were not included (currently only five though).

  2. My spice rack holds 30 bottles and I have to admit that most of them are dried herbs that I never use because they are tasteless. Whenever possible, I buy fresh herbs and am willing to pay for the pleasure even out of season. I do use dried spices though: cumin, coriander, nutmeg, cinnamon, turmeric, smoked paprika and red pepper. I used to use chorizo and pancetta until my partner went vegetarian on my.

    1. Time to clear you spice rack, my friend. Let us know how many you ended up with besides the 7 you use. Good luck!