Friday, 10 June 2016


The task for February is, as it was last year, Jewellery.
Although it is now June, there is no reason to let myself go and get sloppy with my tasks. It is the only way I can ever know what I own.
Besides, I have been in the jewellery box quite a bit lately for strengthening items so it is a suitable task.

My Viking ship pendant and necklace is coming on vacation this year. I normally never wear or bring jewellery when hiking and camping but this years adventure is a little different. It is highly suitable. I will tell more about it later.

My bracelet made with my favourite six-year old (soon seven) is staying as it is often used.

There is a pair of antique earrings that I just adore - but they do not work as earrings for me. I need to find a new use for them. They have been in the "go"-pile so many times and do nothing for me, besides me liking them. Completely irrational. And outrageous. Ah, that gave me an idea...

The necklace with two pillars and the personal device for Emperor Charles V (1500-1558) Plus Ultra has been given a new chain and is now quite wearable. It is always a strengthening sentiment (and it might be useful if I ever end up in an incident of time travel).
I have however bagged my white plastic elephant with an added little heart. Suitable for most suit attires and for when I need to be strong as an elephant or an elephant wrangler (the last very important when dealing with my ex-ex-ex boss who took all the wrangling I had and who still ate me in the end). It is a time well past me now.

I still love the 15th century remakes of ear rings I bought at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam two years ago. I bring them in my pocket and when I need to smarten up, I put them on.
Instant on-off glamour. For me.

So to summarize, in my jewellery box I have 7 bracelets, 13 necklaces, 7 pairs of earrings, 5 brooches as well as an assortment of memory non-precious pendants, old watches and outrageous earrings.
No ring. I wear that one. And my watch.

The outrageous earrings get out more often that one might think.

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