Tuesday, 21 June 2016


It is better to have vacuum than nothing at all, as the blond said.

It is even better to use a broom.

Have you seen the price on vacuum cleaner bags? Horrendous.
And with so many different models and types on the market, the risk to buy the wrong kind is enormous. With the potential cost of course even higher.

We had two vacuum cleaners when I moved in with the man. Just to let you know how similar we are, we had even bought the identical vacuum cleaner! One is in "storage" waiting for the first and most used to break down. We have had to buy a new hose as they both have broken down, but I see that we easily are set with vacuum cleaners for the next ten years. 
Cost Zero -
If it had not been for the cost of the bags.

I am using the broom with a shovel more and more. It is quick, easy, empties straight into the trash without extra cost and, to be quite honest, also means the floors are cleaner. 
As yours truly does her job more often.
Win-Win-Win, what is wrong with that?

What do you do to avoid the cost of cleaning?

PS Yes. As I have hair, I am in charge of cleaning the shower drain daily and to vacuum when needed, or at least once a week, or so    approximately.
PS2 My grandfather only ever used three jokes and they were used every time the related topic came up. I am turning into my grandfather.


  1. Cleaning - don't get me started! I love open windows but now everything is covered with pollen and needs dusting daily. Even the floors. And in the winter, I'm pretty sure it's my sloughed off skin - ewww.

    1. Maybe you do not need dusting daily? Maybe you could be dust-blind six days of the week?

  2. I hear you about hair. Mine keeps falling out due to age and stage, and in a week our bathroom looks like it hasn't been cleaned in a month. I hate it as it reminds me about this distressing aspect of life. As our floors are all floorboard or tile, I too usually just get out the broom. Our vac is bagless but this just means it needs cleaning out and washing out all the blinking time so it's probably worse than the bags.

    1. I had dreams about a bagless vaccumer; you just convinced me it is not better. Broom just seems to be the way to go. Cheap and ready to rock!