Saturday, 25 June 2016

Worn out

There is a current theme of items not only wearing out but actually breaking and needing replacement. Does anybody know whey it all happens in the same week?

My adored but rarely used heavy hiking boots have been taken out of 'storage' to be used during this summers adventure. I have worn them a few weeks to get my feet used to them again. It turns out, they do not want to play any longer. The rubber is releasing the glue and will not accept any new glue.  Even out best shoe repair shop would not give it a try. I will try one more time with bicycle tyre glue but it that does not work, I will have to give up. I may possibly just tape them together to use them for the few weeks they are urgently needed this summer. I also really do not want to go looking for hiking boots with urgent needs. Those decisions need to be thought through carefully. It is a large investment and I seriously expect them to last a very long time
I don't understand [add blond look with big blue eyes here] these boots were bought no later than 1993!

At the same time my rain trousers started to show symptoms of not wanting to be rain trousers any longer. They now insist of sucking water into the fabric as a sponge, especially in the crutch and inside leg area. The fabulous double layer, light weight rain trousers that have been my constant companion are betraying me. Where will I find a replacement with long enough legs, durable and water proof (not only resistant) with a few weeks to spare? I am experimenting with some bottles of old impregnation (for tent or for rain jackets) that I dug out of the man's stash. I am not certain that I will trust it enough. Since I live in a country with a lot of rain and am going to spend a month in lovely, rainy Ireland this summer, rain trousers are a must. I have bought a pair of cheapest possible PVC rain trousers that will possibly be good enough for the trenches this summer. A new pair of fitting, light weight rain trousers that are completely reliable need to be found, but that too is a purchase not to be hurried.
I don't understand [insert big blue eyes here] those rain trousers have been good since at least 1986.

My lovely brown three season jacket lost its zipper this spring and I am urgently looking for a new one in a none too odd colour to put in. I bought it spring 2008 and I have re-waxed it numerous times but it is really too good, and too well fitting to get rid off. I have high hopes to be able to use it several more years.

I also got stung by a bee on top of my head yesterday. I walked past a bee keepers working on his hive and a bee got stuck in my hair. Instead of calmly standing still to let the bee get itself out of the hair, I tried to help and shook my head. It of course thought the white flower opened up and crawled into the the scalp. When I stopped shaking, it was trapped and stung me. Eventually we parted ways and I did a dive into the emergency medication in my bag for antihistamines and ibuprofen. I also got ice cream. One for me and one for on top of my head. After an hour, it stopped hurting and an hour later, I was fine again.

Poor bee, it thought it had found the peony of its life and it turned out to be a death trap.

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