Wednesday, 6 July 2016

I cut my own hair

One item not included in my frugal annual budget is the cost for the hair dresser.
I cut my own hair.

I use a pair of scissors I bought minimum twenty years ago. No special quality although they are for hair cutting. They are never, ever used for anything else than cutting hair. This keeps them sharp.

The most important thing when cutting hair is that the scissors are sharp. Anything else will slide the hair and the cut will be uneven.
The second most important thing is that you never cut large chunks of hair at the same time. Small, thin, flat sections, trim of a little at the time. Use the internet for guidance.
The third most important thing is that you take your time, cut the hair in small sections, pinning or using elastics to keep the rest off the hair away and that you stay focused. Chain the kids and ground the dog to their rooms. The pot-roast will take care of itself. If you have a lot of hair, it will take time. Estimate an hour. At least. (At least the time it takes the professional hair dresser to cut your hair times two for not being professional.) I use my beloved neck mirror when cutting my hair.
The fourth most important is that you have a hair style that is possible to cut by yourself. I doubt Jennifer Aniston or any-other-hair-famous-person-that-I-can't-remember-the-name-of cuts their own hair. Stay simple.
Maybe you need to change your hair style to keep your savings high? Wouldn't it be worth it?

Hair is personal but hair also changes. It changes with which shampoo you use and how much and if at all. It changes with hair dryers, outdoor activities, what you eat, drink, sleep and if you brush it a lot. It mostly changes with age. The dry hair needs to be moisturised, and the fat hair needs to be dried out. Experiment for a week with each different method and see what happens. Can you get away with less?

I have thick, hard, unbending strands of hair and a lot of it. It goes heavy and dry in a day. It looks awful for two days without a wash but is behaves wonderfully when I wash it after three days. Sometimes it is worth it. I have decided that pig-tails are flattering on the almost fifty.
Everything would be cheaper if I could just trim it down but I need my hair for identity. Some, even most, can carry it off.
Me, with short hair - I just look like my brother, at age five.

Total annual budget for my hair is under 20€/year, possibly even down to 10€/year if counting thoroughly.
That drains my finances with 83 eurocents/month.

Because I am worth ... having so much more money in savings.

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