Tuesday, 12 July 2016


We are going on adventure.
We are leaving the country, the house and our jobs (I have vacation and the man is between projects.)

We will be gone for at least a month and we are travelling with maximum 15 kg back-packs (which will also include full camping equipment with tent, sleeping bags, cooker as well as lots and lots of rain clothes).

We are going to Ireland.

The last weeks have been filled with preparations.
We have engaged some child labour to care for our plants (potatoes, plums, strawberries, the neurotic bougainvillea and the herb garden). The child will also empty the postbox and she is very proud of the responsibility. The parents have been wined and dined to be supporters.

The apartment is spotless clean. The drains are cleaned, the windows are wiped and all dishes are cleaned and dried and all kitchen table tops are emptied into cupboards. Even the chaos cupboard is sorted (or so I am told). All recycling materials are taken out and all donation boxes are emptied to the charity shop. I love coming home to a clean house where I can be my new self without having to deal with the problems of the person I was before I had the wonderful experiences from the trip.

All little jobs are finished, and even our bicycles are oiled and put in the basement. All the to-do notes are taken down off the note board. We have actually emptied all notice boards so that we can be the new persons with new interest we will have acquired during the summer.

Everything in the apartment will be turned off when we leave. The electricity, the gas, the heating and all electrical appliances are turned off while we are away. (Not the water of course, as it is summer and we have plants to water. Otherwise we turn off the water too.)

The fridge and the freezer are emptied and we have eaten everything that is not dry or in cans in the entire house. I admit, some of the latest meals have had some odd combinations - or as I prefer to look at it - have consisted of several different courses. This year, we even managed to finish off all odd condiments and really have nothing in the house that can go bad. There is always oatmeal for porridge in the house and besides we live across the street from a food shop that will be open when we come back.

I have cut my hair and the man has sharpened his shaving knives. I have dyed eyelashes and eyebrows and will last a month without make-up or even anything possibly called beauty products, besides a generous dollop of heavy duty sun cream several times a day (forever the optimist, eh?).

Each item in the backpacks have been tried, tested, cleaned, waxed, polished, re-packed and analysed for use and weight before it was packed. Boots: check. New water proof covers have been sewed for books and electronics and chargers.

Each step of the many (complicated) travel arrangements have been looked up and notes have been made. Everybody knows we are coming and they are ready for us (or so they think).

The clothes for tomorrow are laid out, the boots are by the door and now I am off to sleep.
Tomorrow we just lock the front door behind us.

Enjoy the summer, go out, go live life, do something new and get out off the blogosphere. 
If you need inspiration about how fabulous your life could be, have a glance at this fabulous woman, sometimes called Marianne


  1. Have a wonderful trip and come back refreshed! I am 11% Irish genetically. Must be from the Vikings.

  2. You are well prepared. I love coming home to a clean house and a blank slate, too. Enjoy!