Monday, 4 July 2016


I have bought a pair of boots!
A pair of hiking boots, with the right heaviness, the right rain protection, breathability, and almost the right colour. Most important of all, and quite unusual, I have bought a pair of boots that fit my feet from the start. (My feet are very long and thin, matching the rest of the machinery, but they have always made buying of shoes very difficult.)
The oddest thing is that I bought them online. On sale, bien sûr!
Oh sure, I had them delivered to the physical shop of the web based shop of the company and I tried them on immediately before actually paying for them (I am not stupid) but still, from day one, they are one of the most comfortable pair of shoes I own. And that includes my twenty year old well worn now dead leather hiking boots that have taken me over many mountains in rugged terrain. But now dead. Although numerous gluing attempts were made the fact is that they are dead.

The catastrophe of having my old well worn now dead leather hiking boots die on me three weeks before I intended to spend the entire summer in them, sent me shoe wishing.
The shoe wishing sent me to do a full shoe inventory and to update the probably not too accurate inventory that I did 2015.
Only when the shoe inventory and several days of trials showed that there were no shoes in my current possession that I could use for a month wearing daily outside in possibly rainy weather;
only then did the catastrophe send me shoe shopping.

The inventory showed that I own 17 pairs of things to wear in my feet in 2016.
2 pairs of flip-flops (one will be used, killed and thrown out during vacation)
3 pairs of indoor slippers (primarily the sheep skin slippers worn daily with a spare pair in storage)
4 pairs of sandals (one for the balcony and one pair that only looks nice but is only for sitting pretty)
3 pairs of nice lady-office shoes (spare from my previous affluent life style and kept to be used for the few occasions when I dress up with heels)
3 pairs of sports shoes - gym shoes and similar
1 pair winter boots
1 pair rain boots (not very comfortable but indispensable on the very rainy days)

In the winter I wear boots, in the other three seasons I wear sports shoes or if it is a dry day in the summer sandals. The new hiking boots are for three season hikes.
I could do with five pairs - slippers, sandals, two sport shoes and winter boots. However since I have all the other shoes and they mostly fit, and are of good quality and could be used on very disparate occasions, I will keep them. I am after all not a minimalist, I am a frugalist.

How many pairs of footwear do you have?


  1. I like your distinction between minimalist and frugalist. I think I am a combo of the two.
    I am happy with what I have; they seem to cover every occasion and need; I don't long for anything else.
    My inventory:
    2 pairs of flip-flops: one for inside, one for outside
    1 pair of ankle boots - my main footwear for dry, cold days
    1 pair of calf-height Chelsea boots for colder winter wear
    2 pairs of hiking boots, still good after 20 years, one hearty for winter only.
    1 pair of rain boots
    1 pair of going out heels
    1 pair of slip on leather sneakers
    1 pair of brogues
    1 pair of loafers
    1 pair of ballet flats
    1 pair of wool slippers
    1 pair of sandals - very worn out; looking for the perfect replacement.
    2 pairs of Toms, 1 pair of espadrilles. All in various stages of disintegration which must go after this season.
    1 pair of Tevas for summer walking.
    1 pair of new Birkenstocks which I might get rid of as they rub and I don't think they will get better with wear.

    I still have and should probably get rid of the heels I wore to my daughter's wedding 5 years ago which go with a dress that I will never wear again and should also get rid of. The dress was purchased 2nd hand for $100 and altered for another $40, making it a true bargain for the mother of the bride.

    This was an interesting exercise. Thanks for inspiring me to take a look at my shoe inventory.

  2. My pleasure!
    19 pairs of footwear, just to summarize.

  3. Winter boots
    Summer (rain) boots
    Walking shoes
    Hiking shoes
    Slip on casuals
    Dress boots

    7, but I need to replace the walking shoes and hiking shoes.

    1. That is very exact and precise. Well done! (And all the good luck in the world for the process of replacing at the same time two such important pieces of footwear!)