Friday, 1 July 2016


Why do I skimp and mend and count and control and save and wear out and do not buy pretty clothes?

I do it so that I can live debt free.

I do it so that I have no financial worries.

I do it so that when there is a world wide financial crisis, I am safe.
The week the English (not the Britain) shits in the financial fan, I am safe.

I do it so that in the week of financial, safety and environmental unrest, my financial independence (FI) number is 28,97.

This means that with no further increase of income, my current assets will keep my with my current frugal but by no means austere budget, for almost 29 years.
This is the budget I currently live on. This is the budget that also includes trips and vacations.
The annual budget is higher than my bare minimum but it is still higher than I would be expected to live on if I bankrupt or will be given financial welfare.

The condition is of course that the prices do not increase but I hope that the price increases will be close to the interests and dividends from my assets.

My calculation of my assets do not include the value of my apartment (but the budget does include the costs, and would include income if I rented it). My calculations also do not include state, private and employer pensions that I have provided for and that will start paying out in 15-20 years. It is unknown what they will be worth then so I do not include them.

I have 29 financially unworried years ahead of me. It is well worth not buying anything and to wear out shoes and shirts and to cook all meals from scratch to have that.
The man just passed FI 20.


  1. How do you figure out your FI?

    1. Assets divided by annual budget (How to count assets and how to estimate the annual budget is the tricky part).

  2. I envy you. Was this always your plan or did you just wake up one morning and decide that you were sick of the job and had earned enough to quit.

    1. It was always my plan to know my financial situation. I have always done my own taxes and known how much I spend. 2010 I got concerned financially and decided to make amends (see the ERE posts from 2015). I have not quit working and I may never do, but I know that I can if I want/need/should have to. Don't envy me, be inspired.

    2. Ah. Didn't realize that you are still working. I am too and waiting for my long delayed inheritance. I paid for private school for 3 instead of saving for retirement. It was a choice.

    3. I didn't have to pay for education (yeah Scandinavia) so I saved for a pension addition to the state pension (yeah Scandinavia) so I save - and work because I like it.