Tuesday, 16 August 2016


My arms started to do the double wave bye bye.
You know, the ones where you wave once with the hand and once with the floppy bit of the inside of the upper arm.

The plans for the adventure to Ireland and all the the physically hard work that it would include (archaeology is not for the weak), also included a lot of arm strengthening exercises.
I have very little sport equipment but I do have some. The plan was to do more physical exercises when watching telly or reading in the sofa. These micro exercises which I have described earlier, really made a world of difference.

Not only did all the physical hard work (think chain gang, breaking stones) not injure my arms or shoulders;
not only did I have the strength at the end of every day to lift my knife and fork for dinner (although I will admit I did feel them the first week)
but together it also actually have resulted in giving me quite nice upper arms.

The upper arms do not flap anymore.
The inner arms do not flop anymore.
The shoulder is stronger and there might even be a hint of minuscule muscle to be seen occasionally.
Most importantly, the little cushion between the chest and the arm is almost entirely gone.
(Ladies: is there a name for this useless thing? The thing that ruins every sleeveless dress or top on a woman past hmpf-hmpf-something of age?)

Anyway, my point is:
With very little effort, no sweat, no thought and only the occasional "ouch, ouch, huff, puff, only one more", I have gained armstrength and nice looking arms.
Not bad for no money at all, is it?


  1. I'm not sure what that cushion is called, but down under we call the flappy upper arms either bingo wings,or fiddubbuddas. Emphasis on the second syllable. :)

    1. Fiddubbuddas! What a fabulous word! :) I add it to the list with thingymebobs, what-not's and filibabbas to use when my English just does not stretch any further.

  2. No money? To go to Ireland for a workout? Hmmm. It's all good and I'm glad you got to go do something so fun and interesting and got in shape to boot. Lucky you! Being a real manly man I am sure those problems will never surface for me. I hope.

    1. No, I am also sure those problems will never surface for viking men like you! ;)

  3. I am impressed! Having strong arms is one of my goals. I want to look like Sarah Connor in The Terminator. I do short workouts with 5-lb. weights 3x/week. But Real Work, like digging up the garden and moving furniture, is much better.

    1. YES, Sarah Connor - or Michelle Obama in the first term. I would love to be strong too, but I settle so far for looking strong :)