Monday, 22 August 2016


I like art.

I used to say quoting the Pope in the Michael Angelo skit by Monty Python: I do not know much about art but I know what I like.
I later learnt more about art and definitely stopped knowing what I liked.
Very different types of art opened up to me with a little bit more knowledge. I developed from my teenage deep love for the Dutch masters and ventured into different types of art, both backwards and forwards in time. I now even like modern art, installations, events and all forms of expressions: paint, dance, video, uncommunicative, plaster, graphics - you name it.

I do not like all art. I do not like everything of anything. I do not even understand most of what is presented as art. But there is really something about art, modern art, young artists, experimental artist that shoves, drags and transports us and our society to see the unseen. It is good for us. That opening of a thought, any thought, is always a good thing; regardless of what value we as individuals put on the quality of the thought.

So I like art.

I found the most addictive little art game on-line the other day.
The United Nations World Food Programme has a free education, free food web-site called It has advertisements where 10 grams of rice is donated with every page view. This is something I support and I have opened my Ad-blocker for them.

And it is addictive!

The site works as a free learning site and with every answer, a donation is made. I think you can log on and keep track of how much you donate, but I have not done that.
I donate kilo's a month anyway. Because I am addicted to the Famous Paintings subject.
The game can be set for different subjects, vocabulary, geography, human anatomy etc but also Famous Paintings. The game is simple.
They show a famous painting and my task is to identify the painter. Easy?
Yes, the first few rounds.
After that... Let me not give it away. Try it out. I get noting for it, you might learn something and the United Nations Food Program get more rice to fight hunger with.

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