Thursday, 18 August 2016


Bites, aches, bruises, pimples and scratches  -
slowly they are starting to heal.

A week ago, I got severely bit by something that I have never been bit by before. I know that because my immune system told me there were absolutely no anti-bodies in my body against whatever that bug was.
I got five huge, wide, high and irrrrritatitngly itching blotches in a lovely blue colour.
(Finger, arm, bum, hip and toe)
I dove deep into my old storage of antihistamines and allergy pills for some relief.
Within four days, the blotches were starting to reduce. (And possibly completely without any help at all from the allergy pills I was eating double doses of - as I had a lot in storage.)
Now, a week later, I am left with the blue spots and the scabs from where I scratched the skin off. In another week of so, I hope all signs of them will be gone. The apartment is cleaned and vacuumd and emptied and bug-proofed and I have not got any new ones in a week.

The bruises are all starting to heel too. The typical volunteer archaeologist knee bruises are finaly starting to fade. Knee pad were of course used but I just could not stay on them.
This summer I have looked like a hard working exotic dancer or a hard working Catholic nun.
I was looking forward to some shorts or even a skirt in the warm weather when  -bang- I walked straight into a bedpost and bruised the entire leg. I now look like a four year old after her first bike ride. Band-aid and everything.

The scratches are mostly all my own doing but climbing Mesolithic tombs and the accompanying fences (barbed wire fences!) did nothing for the civilized look. The worst scratch across the upper arm is healing nicely and can almost be hidden by a t-shirt.

The pimples will clear with better food and cleaner water. I again realised how good the tap water is in the Netherlands and in Sweden, in comparison to Ireland and Belgium. Drinking a normal amount of water every day (not too much and not too little) cleans my skin and I will probably have another week or so until the cleaning and cleansing reaches from the inside all the way out. Not digging in dirt is also going to help the skin to heal itself.

I like roughing it for weeks and even months at a time. This adventure really has not been roughing it very much, although the work was very physical. Most nights we slept indoors and we always had clean tap water and even something that could be called a shower available. Not just quite the standard of living even my home apartment can give, even its low standard is higher than that.

I am very happy to have a home of my own where I can heal my BABPS.
It may not be much but the adventure this summer again made me grateful that I have it. Small as it is by normal standards, tiny by most, shocking by some, it is safe and clean and mine.
My home base is truly my first priority.

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