Thursday, 25 August 2016

Packing up

I am packing for a few weeks.

The need includes work in office and industry, family and friends in house and outside as well as my own home.
The time is at least two weeks but could be a month or even more.
Everything must fit in hand luggage.
The weather will range from rain and hailstorms to the current heat wave.

Puhu - I am struggling.

I must be strategic.
Jeans, shorts and summer trousers. Check
Five tops max because this is the easiest to acquire or borrow. Easy clean of course.
Jacket for office but now must add a very light cove of some kind. Something warm.
Rain clothes. Socks and underwear. Sleeping clothes.
This time also bathing clothes as family currently is located in a beautiful lake side spot.

The stuff will include small amounts of hygienic products, glasses, bug stick and jewellery.
Work papers and computers. Chargers.

What am I missing?
The flight leaves this evening.