Sunday, 14 August 2016

Rain clothes

Let me rant...

Producers of rain clothes are insane!
Do they really think that anybody who buys cheap or inexpensive rain protection gear will get used to the out doors and ever, ever, ever go out in the rain again when they get soaked in the rain?
People do not!
If you get stuck outside in bad rain gear you will go inside, and stay inside. For the rest of your life!
You will never go back to buy another set of cheap rain gear for the next time you go out in the rain, if the first set left you soaking and unhappy.

If you buy insufficient rain clothes to children, you efficiently condemn them to a life indoors! They will go out once, get cold, wet and miserable, go inside and stay there.
That is what will happen if the children you care for are in a climate with rain and stuck with crappy rain gear.

It really is worse with bad rain clothes than without.
Let me say that again, as it is counter intuitive, and I need to remember it myself.
It is worse to be outside in the rain with bad rain clothes than no rain protection at all!
If it is warm enough or you move vigorously, no clothes at all is probably the best in the rain. (As skin dries faster than any quick drying fabric.)

Bad rain clothes soak water into your normal clothes, traps that as well as any moisture yourself generates and increases the wetness. (Self-generated moisture? Yes, or you could call it sweat although you do not have to actually sweat.) Bad rain clothes also tends to loose any rain protection properties first over the shoulders and in the crutch. Then those parts will be where you get soaking wet. Not thighs or lower end of your trousers which wouldn't matter much and dry quickly. But imagine walking into a restaurant, pull of the nice and proper looking rain gear, revealing trousers that look like you just wet yourself. After holding in a few litres of liquid. Then proceed to eat you soup sitting on a newspaper.

So - lesson learned.
Even for a few weeks use, even for heavy dirty and clothes destroying use, cheap rain clothes does NOT do its job.

I am therefore in the market for good rain trousers (defined by protection and breathability and strong enough to take the wear of a bike saddle, and of course light weight. (Do not even mention the brand Mac in a Sac as it is as crappy as the supermarket gear, just with a larger marketing budget). I am also in the market for a heavy duty rain jacket (or I will use my proper heavy rain coat more, possibly even shortening it to make it more versatile). I will also dig out my 1976 army rain coat to be ready for the outdoors.

Rant over.
Are you ready for rain?


  1. I hear you! I bought several items that were marked waterproof, but when I wore them in the rain, they were not! I returned them to the store and tried again. I eventually found good gear that is completely waterproof. It was expensive but I decided it is worth it. We have a wet climate and I don't want to be indoors for weeks at a time!

    1. YES! And not in a ridiculous colour (I carry a flare for if I need to be rescued off the mountain - I do not wish to look like one). I am slowly learning to demand information regarding the "mmWP" (millimetre water pillar) that possibly could mean I can both can go out as well as stay out in the rain! Everything under 10 000 is useless!