Tuesday, 23 August 2016


Do you have items that spark joyously? 
Things that you look at and just makes you feel confident, content and have happy memories of? 

Do you also look around and see something that you just do not want to see for any reason? 
That thing that doesn’t work, that thing that you know you should get rid of, the thing you have no use for and it belonged to somebody that you didn’t particularly think of very fondly?

You know you could. You say you should but it ends with that and a sigh. "I really could ..."
Now is the time to do it.
Lift your eye and go and sort out that one thing you see that you do not like.

It is also easier to find the things you enjoy by cleaning and accounting for everything in your house, section by section, at least once a year. 
You  usually know immediately which things you like more than the others.
Find those. Notice those. Love those.
The items you love, you will be happy to clean, dismantle and thoroughly appreciate. You will be happy adding work to then by mending, polishing, cleaning, ironing or washing.

All other items are just draining you. 
Get them out of your ownership. Get them out of your house. 
At least put them all to the side. 

Keep them separate from the happy things you have. 

I see a computer monitor that has not been used the last year and a pile of papers. I will talk to the man about the monitor and I will sort that pile of papers. Now.
Now I will.
now I do