Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Spending month

It is common to have a super saver month in September. A 'I will not spend any money at all if I can get away with it until I really must'-month. Trying for the highest savings rate. Keeping a row of no spending days and keeping it for as long as possible. Anything legal is allowed to keep the wallet closed during this month.

After a few years and a long row of the super saver months, live style changes and super saving becomes common, normal and the average life.

After years of super saving, I am giving myself a spending month. Not a super spending month, that would be silly. But a spending month.
It started last week. 

So far I have bought hot dogs and coffee and even a bottle of water when travelling.
I have taken the bus short distances.
I am even considering buy pizza. I have even gone to the supermarket without a clear shopping list. I have even gone shopping, randomly browsing shops with just stuff in them.

I am sadly failing.
I never bought the pizza as I realised it was quicker to just make porridge.
I did not buy anything new in the supermarket. Nothing I do not normally need; actually even less as I could not remember to buy what I needed.

I even went to shops to spend my gift cards, just randomly aiming to spend them.
I failed that too. There was very little I wanted and what I could consider all had something wrong with it. Not the right size. Strange materials. Sleeves too short. Not the right colour. Nothing available that I didn't already have. No new needs presented themselves. I was considering a blouse (just not in black), a bowl (but it will not fit in the kitchen cupboard) and a book (but really, there are books for my classes arriving by post in a day or two and by then I really will not need something new).

What I want is a car but there is just no where to park it in Amsterdam. What I want is an experience (but the gift cards are all for stuff).
I am a failed buyer. A failed shopper. A failed super spender.



  1. It's not a bad thing! I am trying really hard to no only but no more new things, but also get rid of a lot of the things that i have that i no longer need. It's a hard pattern to get into.
    P.S. - I found your blog through OFG but haven't posted until today. Hello!

    1. Hello! :)
      You are lucky to have everything you need. Get rid of the like-not's, store the doubles and use the first until it breaks. Write a list of things you want and buy it if you still need it in 30 days. You can.