Friday, 26 August 2016


I like my clients and I like what they do.
I however wish they would hurry up.
Almost four on a Friday afternoon and I am not done yet as they are not done yet.
Leaving an expensive consultant in an air conditioned conference room is not good business.

I really can not write them up for it. I know what they are doing.
I sent them to do it.

Now, can I possibly drink another cup of coffee.
Or should I just doodle something rude under the conference room table?


  1. Oh my god, your Samuel Pepys link! I wasn't aware of this. Thank you!

    1. How coukd you not know!!! It is the most fabolous!! I am so glad you found him!!!

  2. Do something rude under the conference room table - if you haven't done it already. I would.

  3. I think you have too few followers to employ comment moderation, don't you?