Friday, 30 September 2016


And when the going gets tough,
and the pity party had run its course,
I will eventually get going.

To combat the feeling of being out of control, I take control of the things I can take control of.
I do dishes.
I vacuum.
I do a load of laundry.
I sow on a button on, stitch up a sock and mend a pocket.

The movement moves my feeling of despair into the area of calm.
It makes me feel much better.
My focus is reduced from the unlimited to the limited.
From the future to here and now.
I get a sense of order with being organised and organising.

I printed tickets and organised the forthcoming work trips. I have the day off and therefore time
(I have FI - financial independence due to being highly frugal and stingy - so I retired a day a week three years ago.)
I sent a short supportive email to a friend.
I sent an equally short instructive email to a family member.
I am even planning to resow a few summer tops that have not serviced well (as in they do not fit me.)
I will run another load of laundry.
I will take all recyclables out.

And when that is done, I will feel even better.


  1. Sounds like a typical weekend day for me.But I may take part of a day off, lock myself in the garage with my music and guitars and a little alcohol for inspiration. I'll come out when I am good and ready. Maybe I'll feel better.

    1. The good and ready will come, I'm glad you too have the time and space for some brooding.