Friday, 23 September 2016


We never make our bed.
If people are coming over, we only straighten the pillows and stretch the covers.

We do not have a bed cover. We do not have ornamental pillows. We have no cuddly toys in bed - other than as a joke, I might put the man's stuffed fish-toy on my pillow when I leave for a few weeks.

We also sleep in the smallest room available in the house. The bed sits between three walls. We get into the bed on the short end. Changing the sheets is an acrobatic event. The benefit is that we do not need to heat the room in the night. It is also easy to quickly cool it when need be.

Sleeping in the smallest room also means the available space is used as much as possibly. Besides the bed, the room holds my wardrobe, two laundry baskets, the ironing board and a one shelf book case on one wall and a magnetic notice board for art exhibitions on the other.
No need for visitors to go in there. We do not hold a bedroom to make other people envious. It is purely a personal space.

The main reason for not making our bed however, is that we want to dry and air the bed during the day. Sometimes we open the window, especially now when we do not have to worry about the cat jumping out. Hopefully we minimize the breeding grounds for acari and other bed bugs by letting our bed breathe.

How much bedroom space do you have, if you have a separate bedroom at all?


  1. It is separate and about 20 m2. In your world that is probably big. All our clothing and bedding are stored in there as well as luggage and holiday decorations. I have, however, lived with roommates in smaller spaces.

    1. Good size! Holiday decorations is something I too could think to keep in the bedroom. Nice peaceful bed fellows! Now we keep sleeping bags there as they are only stored half the year.