Saturday, 24 September 2016


I have blond hair.
Every year in the fall sales I buy a bottle (300 ml) of high-brand shampoo.
Then it is sold for half price and since I use it only occasionally, a bottle can last almost a year. (I buy really cheap shampoo for every day use.)

Last year, I made a mistake when buying the shampoo.
I managed to buy the conditioner instead.
It took me quite a while until I used it and noticed.
I was very annoyed with myself. I then had to go and buy the shampoo too.

The bottle of last year's shampoo has been used up. It was actually emptied quite a while ago and I have been looking forward to seeing my brand on sale. Finally it was sold for half price and I bought a new bottle of shampoo yesterday.

Or so I thought.
In the shower this morning I found out I have managed to make the same mistake again.
I have bought yet another bottle of conditioner.
And since I have opened and used it, I can not return it.

The man commented that considering they sold shampoo especially designed to be bought by blonds, they really should write clearer on the bottle.

Bang. Burn. Zinger.

I am going to go and buy a bottle of shampoo today.
Or I'll send the man.
I now have conditioner to last me at least six years. I do not use conditioner very often.