Friday, 2 September 2016


Teeth is the one thing I am willing to spend unlimited time and resources on.

They are to be with me until the day I die (and longer if the osteoarchaeologist doesn't drop me when excavating my sceletan).
I have seen older relatives struggle with crowns and dentures. I have seen younger friends spending large amounts on the bleaching teeth and nothing on toothbrushes.

My decision has been to really care for my teeth. Brush minimum twice a day, sometimes three times a day. Use the correct brushing technique. Use the right equipment. Floss occasionally. Rinse with mouthwash with flour daily (not Listerine!) Rinse with water quickly after eating something sour.

And I go to the dentist more often than they think it is necessary.
As I now have reached the level where my teeth and my tooth routine are in good stand, I do not need to see the dentist anymore. I only get to see a dental hygenist.
This year she charged me €40 and told me to come back in 18 months.
She gave me a new toothpaste (triel sized) and a flossing thing to try.
And she told me some good jokes I can enhance my social skills with in the week to come.

All in all, I came out of there better off than I went in.

Have you been to see the dentist or dental hygienist the last 18 months too?


  1. I am also very fond of my teeth. I try to see the hygienist every 6 months. It is also a good excuse to get out of the office for a couple of hours.

    1. I like the way you phrase it. It is a very good thing to be fond of ones teeth.