Monday, 3 October 2016


We took the weekend off and took off this weekend.
Our every second month weekend trip was due. And the man always gets a trip for his birthday.

We took the train, rented bikes, cycled 30 kilometre and came to a village in a nature reserve where the roads are canals. We stayed the night. There was nothing to do. Almost no people around.

We walked all little foot paths along the canals, contemplated a canoe to take us out into the nature park with only water, peat and bog, but stayed on terra firma and kissed on every bridge. If I remember correctly there are 27 on the north side of the village and 52 on the south side (but the lack of oxygen due to that much kissing may have disputed my counting). I am not far off though.

We both did our best to put time and space between us and all worries and had a lovely weekend.
Nothing has changed but at least we are are going to handle it supporting each other.


  1. That is wonderful! Didi your lips get numb?

    1. A lady never tells... (Yes. I am not a lady.) ;)

  2. That sounds delicious :)