Tuesday, 1 November 2016


I am currently one snappy comment away from full freedom and financial independence.

This is what all the skimping, saving and investing all comes down to.
The opportunity to say - no, this is enough - and then walk away. Calmly.

Or in my case: This is not enough! (and I am not calm at all).

My current financial situation is that I hold 31,43 annual budgets in my possession.
It is not as much as it was about ten days ago (31,47) but it is more than I have ever owned. It is way more than the 25 that is estimated to regenerate itself eternally (with an estimated 4 % return,  See more about Early retirement Extreme ERE on its blog).

I count my financial assets every month, divide with a set annual budget that I have lived within for years and estimate the amount of financial freedom it gives me. I do not include the value of my home (as I live there), nor any and all legal or restricted pensions that will (or will not) start paying out in 20 years or so.

So when the going gets tough, the arguments are mounting up and the room closes in - I am free to walk if I want to. (Yes that will be walk. There is no money available for luxury.) But I am free to just close my computer, take out the SIM card out of the phone and never going to work any more.

There is a fair bit of separation anxiety. There is a lot of uncertainty.
There is also a great deal of rage and annoyance. Several bad words roam my brain.
I have however no crippling fear for the financial situation.

It took hard work, five years and several difficult decisions. But it is now done.
The remaining question to decide is: Have I had enough of this?

(I have the Viking blood roaring in my ears and I know I need to calm down a week or so before I make a final decision to pack my bags... )


  1. You must be a brave woman.

    1. Thank you. I only follow the old rule "Fake it and make it" - and the newer rule: "Think before you leap".

  2. It is wonderful that you have the ability to do walk. You can always do a little of this or that for a supplement, but I will never know your kind of freedom.

    1. Wise and calming words, thank you. Freedom also means not having horses, cars or a house so our choices are always personal.

  3. You earned the right to have the choice. Well done!

    1. An the choice not to choose is always a choice. Still working - as of today.