Friday, 11 November 2016


I talk a lot about the money I do not spend.
On this blog I also occasionally mention the money I have.
In my normal life (you know, the real life where things happen? :) I never mention my money. Only the man will occasionally hear a "I am rich!" when I have counted my money and calculated my financial independence number. Occasionally it will come up in a conversation that perhaps I do know something about shares and stocks. I never talk about the markets where my money are as it is not relevant information for anybody but me. It is not advice for anybody or even good for anybody else to know.
To most people I am just a stingy, cheapskate who doesn't spend her money.
That is fine. That's the way I want it. That is the way it is - most of the time.

This week I have spent a lot of money. A lot. As in several annual budgets lots of money.
Actually, I have invested them in gold-edged secure funds and shares with large dividends.
Same thing.
I have been a buyer.
The same rules apply when buying stocks as to when buying socks.

I buy knowing what I want. I buy to hold. I want dividends more than share value increase. I buy when the price is right - or cheaper.
I buy what I want when everybody else is selling.
You may do something different with your money on your markets and with your knowledge.
There is a science behind it all but it is still a gamble, one only you can decide upon.

I have had a great week. I have bought at ridiculous levels. The markets are so volatile that bids on  ridiculous levels for shares in wonderful companies can go through. I usually put in a bid for the day before the markets open to see if they go through. I do not leave the bids in longer than that and I may change them during the day.
Now the bids go through. Only for the share price to bounce back up again.

These shares are affected by Japan, UK, Russia and the silly country of the week while the companies production, market, investments are not. The levels are for some companies lower than ever in the last five years - five years. Remember the catastrophes the financial markets have seen in five years? No, right, you don't and the markets do not either. 2008 is behind most of us and 2001 and 1995 is coming around again.

This means that this weekend is the time to go through your long term investments and read and understand what is happening and ponder where it is going. Do it in the weekend when the markets are closed. Do not make any decisions, just get a sense of what is happening.  Monday is the time for decisions. And do not trust anybody. Not even banks. And most certainly not me.

Don't tell me I told you to do anything. Never follow the advice of a blogger with no credentials.

But understand and learn and know and look and read and take no risks with money you need.

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