Tuesday, 22 November 2016


I was a blood donor from my 18th birthday until the day I moved abroad.
With my family background, that is just a thing you do when you can.
And sometimes you got a t-shirt.

I also frequently got iron tablets. Not that I needed them very often, I have a naturally high level and I eat well. (I also very quickly feel the symptoms of anaemia. A dinner with spinach and chicken liver with an orange after restores it fast. (two types of iron t be eaten with vitamin C which helps with the uptake, that is how I was thought.) Add some almonds for the other trace minerals. Or just eat, if it is enough for you, a few meals with more variation.)

Still, I was usually handed iron tablets. It was probably the routine for female donors.
And as usual when it comes to useful free things, I accepted.

Yesterday I ate my last remaining iron tablet.

Probably way past expiration date but definitely still with effect.
I need a lot more fluids than normal today to you-know get things going.
But not a cold in sight. Feeling strong as an old pot.

Now there is only a multi-vitamin box in the house.
The man and I each have one after been in touch with children.
We think it helps against kid-bugs.

Do you have vitamins or minerals in the house you could eat - or get rid of?

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