Thursday, 24 November 2016


As a Northern European, November means lights.
Lights turned on, kept on and added to.
It is darker outside longer and the light hours are greyer.
It is important to emphasise the indoor light to avoid winter depressions (unless you hibernate).

We had a few light bulbs breaking last week so we started the light project early this year.
(The light bulbs always seem to all blow at the same time, don't they?) We have access to a collection system for electrical waste and the broken light bulbs are saved for the next collection time.

I have kept "in storage" the low-energy light bulbs from my previous apartment. Two were used to replace the expired bulbs in the living room. They had been bought in 2011 and since they can last six to ten years there was no way I was just going to leave them behind when I moved in 2013. I knew there was plenty of use left in them for the money spent as I had cut out a piece of the packaging and made a note when I started using them and I know that I took them down in May 2013. There is now only one low-energy light bulb in storage. That was bought this year for the office and turned out to be way too bright and with the completely wrong coloured light. Since then I have leaned to always ask to try the bulb in the shop before buying.

In storage there are also three small, low wattage light bulbs with small fitting, two clear and one frosted. They are at least five years old if not more, and although we have only two lights in the house where they fit, they can sit in storage for a possible future use.

The light bulb are stored in a wooden wine box I once found on the street. I also keep our batteries in it (when ever we have any). The box is highly flammable of course and possibly not the cleverest of choices.
But it looks good.

The November light project is to clean all our lamps and light fixtures and we are currently working our way through it.
Ceiling lights, bed lights, floor lights and window lights are cleaned and dusted, both used and unused.
We got out a table lamp that has not been used for a long time and put it in the kitchen window. Its old fashioned style gives our otherwise stark kitchen a very cosy feeling. It is a nice light to make morning coffee in.

I will also put up a light for the mid-winter light festival later on.


  1. Winter blues. I remember it.

    1. Of course you do, it never really leaves us, does it?

  2. I have summer blues.. I want so much some dark days,love them.