Monday, 28 November 2016

Lights finished

We have 18 lamps and other sources of electrical light in the house.

Nine ceiling lights, two floor lights, three table lights, one bed light with two heads and two light strings (only one currently connected). And a light by the stove.
Very rarely are more than one or two lit at the same time. The man and I tend to spend time in the same room and of course (of course!) are the lights in unused rooms, turned off.

There are some rumours about another light string, type winter wonder land light, in the basement. (We found the spare bulbs.)
However, until the man has dug his remaining boxes there are no proof of an eighteenth source of light for the house.

All lights have now all been cleaned. 
We never turned the TV on today. Instead we dismantled and cleaned the glass covers of the remaining lamps. (They need some cooperation.)

Now, afterwards, it is really an amazing difference.
The amount of light generated by a dusty bulb in a dirty lamp is nothing compared to the radiance generated from a wiped bulb in a sparklingly clean lamp.

We pay for electricity and we really do get our money's worth this way.
No need to turn on two lamps when one does the job.
We might even in the future buy a lower wattage for the smaller rooms.

How many electrical light sources do you have in your house?

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