Wednesday, 30 November 2016


Sometime in 2007 I went through a number of recruitment processes.
All of them interviewed and tested with various methods.
I am not particularly interested in talking about myself in a professional setting.
The job I had at the time was so odd and unusual that it was difficult to talk about it with recruiters.

(Actually, let's talk about recruiters. Have any of them ever worked with anything else than recruiting? I truly have difficulty seeing the benefits a recruiter brings to the person you are trying to recruit. I completely see the benefit a recruiter can bring to a company, by weeding through applications following key-words and specific requirements as well as keeping salary expectations down. But I have yet to meet a recruiter little better than an evolved text search engine. Can anybody bring diversity, creativity or development to a job beyond exact search criteria and trigger words? I honestly doubt the recruiters even understand most jobs they recruit for. Or even understand the meaning of the specific requirements required.)

But I digress...
Among the tests in 2007 was a Mayer-Briggs test. Then one of the most relied upon personality-identifying test. Today, perhaps not so much, but I may be wrong. Today these tests are available in shorter (but still extensive) versions on-line, for example through

In 2007, I tested as an ESTJ.
The letters stand for Extroversion (or Introversion), Sensing, Thinking and Judging.
The personality type is called "The Executive".
Yeah, that is me!

The E was however very close to an I. (Test provides results on a scale between two outer ends of a spectrum and nobody is 100% of everything, and even rarely of anything).

If the E had been an I, the personality type would have been called ISTJ.
I heard (on the ERE-forum) that most frugalists are ISTJ.

The man did the test the other day. Not very surprising, he is introvert and sensing (ISFP).
We are not disputing that result at all either!!!

I re-did the test with him. Interestingly, ten years later, after life-changing events and a complete turn-around of my lifestyle, the result is that - I am still an Executive.
Still an ESTJ.

Although closer to being Introverted than before. Thanks, man.


  1. I took the quick 100 question version and am a INFP-T, mediator. Much closer to the Man. No argument from me.

    1. I knew there had to be more than one reason to why I like you!