Thursday, 3 November 2016


The project I have set myself for November 2016 is related to clothes.
Yes, yet again.
I still have too much clothes. With too much I consider more clothes than needed to keep me dressed  a month or two without laundry and that are not special occasion pieces. Although I bought very little the last five-six-seven years and the amount in "storage" (meaning waiting to be worn until I need it) is rapidly reduced, there is still too much clothes in my possession.

I am however on the verge of wearing out a lot of clothes.
I therefore think I need to focus on using what is on the verge of being discarded so that I can tip them over the point and actually get it out of the house.

The project for November is the following new habit:
After every laundry and when the clothes are being folded up to be put back into the closet, all good clothes go into storage. Unless it is something I do not quite like, something that is worn and should be on the way out. These things go back in the closet (or in the "on the way out the door box" if it is really something I do not want to wear again. Some things are thrown directly.

The project started with the kitchen towel-project. We have some (terry) towels for the kitchen. They always started to smell after a few days. They were not even very old an not worn or bleached. So they got laundered in a very very warm wash. When used the next time, they still started to smell after a few days. So they got soaked in vinegar for a few days and then rinsed. They still started to smell after a few days. With the first one, we looked at each other and without breaking eye contact, just put the towel in the bin. It was easier with the second one. The third one survived a week without starting to smell so it is still in use.
With only one kitchen towel in active duty, we also suddenly saw what else was available. A terry towel advertising a gym is our new kitchen towel. It had been sitting in the man's drawer for many years, now a free kitchen towel. We also found an orange towel from a previous kitchen. The colour is wrong for the "décor" but seriously, who cares. Now all our kitchen towels are upgraded. When these are out of action, we can get a new set.

So I thought I would do the same thing with my clothes. Store the things I know I like and keep using the things I question. Now, I do not have to dress up for work but it doesn't matter. If the clothes you have in your wardrobe does not suit your work and that is your lifestyle, then they should go.

This is not a money saving project, but neither does it cost me anything. I simply use what I have until it doesn't work for me any more and then I will be left with the good pieces - and possibly a wardrobe where all clothes are good and well fitting.
I am currently folding the third batch of  laundry in this project and I am starting to see which things come back again and again.

Today I am wearing:
- a funny coloured much loved pair of socks that really are on its last leg of life, 
- the loved perfect pair of jeans that have not yet been laundered under this scheme,
- a too transparent sports t-shirt under
- a slightly faded sweater.
Except for the sports-t which was a mistake bought one-two years ago, I have probably worn this combo five hundred times before. I will continue to do so until the individual parts cannot perform any longer.

Besides the jeans. They will be put aside after next laundry.