Thursday, 17 November 2016


Enough is enough.
We are going to Paris over the weekend.

We got cheap train tickets and a hotelroom for a song.
We will spend one day in the Louvre, one day in three other museums and one day trying to get lost.

We have made a stack of sandwiches and filled out water bottles. We got an outrageous amount of cheap muslei bars to have as pocket food. We packed warm sleep wear and comfortable shoes. Two changees of under clothes and toiletries. The back packs weigh five kilo and looks like a small gym back. We will look completely parisienne.

If a tasty brasserie invites us, there is budget for a two-three course dinner and wine at cafés and an oyster each in Les Halles and numerous coffees if we want to.

It is enough death for now, we are going to be alive.

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