Saturday, 12 November 2016


Why are there so many financial advisers with no money?

I am just wondering - and I think I will say it again.

Why have financial advisers rarely any personal wealth?

There is currently blogg-war raging between two serious financial bloggers on which is the best way to invest money. (No names. They need no encouragement.) (Both are equally insulting and infuriating btw!)

The most furiating thing is that neither of them really have any money. I do not only mean that they do not have any real money - although that is true too. Neither one of them actually have any serious amounts of money beyond the value of the property where they live.
Both of them also have children and wife's to support meaning the money that they do have has to stretch to cover several persons. Neither can survive a year with their current expenses without income from work - or advertisement. I call fake on them both.

I love to read about people who have no money and make do - happily or not, beautifully or not, but they struggle and usually succeed to keep their life within their budget. Some of them have much more income than their budget but it goes to paying off debt or establishing savings. All of them are inspiring. All of them are real. All of them are helpful and respectful.

I do not like to read about advising investments they themselves are not taking - or even in position to take. I also do not like to read about what people plan to do with their money when they have them. Especially if it is five to twenty-five years away. I like dreams, they are essential. But they are that - dreams. Not plans. I especially do not like to read about making or saving money written by people who neither make nor save any money.

I appreciate reading about people who has been through it for real.  How they did it.
I appreciate people who have managed. That is where I want my advice and inspiration to come from.
Not from those who say they do it, promise, there is a plan, and preparations will be done and there will be success, really truly.