Monday, 21 November 2016

Roaming Paris

We went to Paris and roamed the streets in the sun for three days.

We kissed on bridges and while on one over the rail road, a train driver tooted his whistle and waved enthusiastically at us.

We ate when we were hungry and inspired. Best was a restaurant with food from Madagascar, Mariania just down the road from the Moulin Rouge (no website, . Walk slowly, it is tiny and easy to miss and that would be a shame. I normally order the thing on the menu I do not quite know what it is. I by now have learned what Andouilette is and that it is fine, so I don't order that any more. Otherwise the memorable French culinary experience this time was Os a Moelle - bone marrow roasted and served in the bone.

We saw the Louvre from the inside for the first time. The history of the palace is fascinating, the "stuff" is overwhelming although fantastic. Don't bother about La Joconde (Monna Lisa) there is an in my mind even better portrait by Da Vinci. La Belle Ferronniere hangs almost unnoticed in the gallery.  Go late in the day or if you can in off season when many tourist stay away.

Our hotel was the friendliest, sweetest, cleanest dingy place I've ever stayed at. Not a place I will recommend (I want to keep it to myself). But also because I do not think most people can handle the microscopic room, toilet and shower shared in the corridor or the thread bare towels. We spent only nights there and stored our pyjamas' the rest of the time; for us it was perfect.

We went to the Arts et metier museum and although we started where we ended our visit the last time, we could not make it through. Again exhausted and over-inspired. It is a fabulous place for planes, trains, automobiles, bicycles and all scientific history you can ever want.

We also went to the Jean-Jaques Henner museum to see more paintings by an artist I first saw at the local art museum in Mulhouse a couple of years ago and who by now has had his own museum renovated. Very nice, very inspiring with room for improvements. We will make a Henner exhibition in our bedroom.

We also walked, from morning to evening. Following the New York-method meaning you cross the street on the first green street light regardless of where it takes you. Cheating is allowed. This only works in towns where the pedestrian street lights are automatic, not requiring to press a button.
We saw the modern Bastille, castle towers built year 1190, a book for sale estimated at 390 000€, an dreamy apartment costing less, a lovely church Notre-Dame de Bonne Nouvelle where the organist was practising, a art nouveau styled school, and a thousand other oh, look there's that I have forgotten now. Paris is always inspiring and it is important not to stay away. It is also the best counter-action against terrorists.

We banned work emails during the weekend but on the train home I got notice that I have received another project for my most beloved steel company (starting directly) and with another project for January, I can skip a lot of less stimulating things at work. Very inspiring! The man had an email from a client almost crying when hearing he could be available, they want him for a year. They are not going to get that, but it is nice to be asked.

The fast, high speed charge extra train home from Paris was announced to be an hour late and we accepted to be humbled by life. However, we arrived on time and we never asked why.


  1. This sounds like a delightful weekend away. You are lucky that Paris so close. We long to go but it's such a big deal to get to Europe from here. Anyway, I'm happy for you.

    1. Thank you, you are kind! I do try to appreciate what I have as we can't go to Chicago, New York, New Orleans, Yosemitie, Aspen, Madison, Austin or all the other places that are out of reach for us.

  2. What a terrific weekend! You sure got to do and see a lot of wondrous things. I am envious, indeed.

  3. Sounds wonderful. Maybe someday I will see the Louvre on the inside, too!

    1. It looks just like the pictures on the website, and still, different.