Thursday, 10 November 2016


Socks have been in focus the last few days.
After a summer vacation spent in mostly wet hiking boots, socks have taken a hard beating.

All socks have been washed hot inside out. All have been gone through to weed out the poor ones.

I am approaching the point when I can buy a new set of ten or fifteen new black office socks (something I thought would happen last year but found not needing). I am planning it for spring 2017.

The man has eliminated all his poor socks and is currently living with only nice socks. It makes dressing in the morning easier. It also makes sorting socks easier (as all match each other there is no matching needed. They are all just bundled up in pairs when they come off the line and go in the sock box.

Currently I have seven short black office socks, five long black office socks (not including two that are worn every week to wear them out, two pairs of fun socks, three pairs of warm socks, six short summer socks and two pairs of sports socks which how ever serve as bed socks. (I do not do sports in socks). I also work from home some of the time when I do not wear socks (warm indoor slippers)

This usually takes me through a week or two.

BTW Death has come and gone, the pain is over and the grieving has started which is easier for everybody. The mother was happy into the end, ready, prepared and with everything arranged and having said her farewells. In this country it is a choice for the terminally ill to decide when they want to die.


  1. You have made a science out of socks. Very thorough! I am glad you have a choice in matters of death.

    1. Control the little things and the large falls into place.