Saturday, 5 November 2016


With financial freedom comes the time and strength to support others.

We had the children for dinner last night (including homework checking and bed time arrangements).
We are about fourth or fifth on a list of people ready and willing to take care of these children and only occasionally are we needed. Two commuting parents with problems of their own are raising two kind supportive, interesting and unusual individuals. Although we are in general not fond of children, these two individuals we do like. We are always happy to help and most of the time available.

Yesterdays dinner and dessert resulted in us having no clean large spoons in the house this morning. (No problem, we had pancakes with cheese, but still rare enough to mention.) This almost never happens, we have so much cutlery. We also do dishes most days (the apartment has no washing machine to store dirty dishes in) so the sensation of being out of spoons just does not occur.
I didn't even break out the ridiculous but convenient pic-nick set for four I was given several years ago and which is used for midsummer pic-nicks and large family gatherings.

Consequently, because this is me and how I do things,
this morning, instead of starting doing the dishes, I cleaned out the cutlery drawer. (Most was out of it anyway so not a lot of work.) The drawer and the insert was washed and wiped and when completely dry, all cutlery and stuff will go back in. Or not, depending on what stuff has actually been used the last year.
I already sneaked away a hand held cheese grater that I do not like and the man does not use, into the "on the way out" box.
If he wants it back, he can; if not, he will not.
There might be more pieces up for discussion.
That one was not. The discussion has been had three years in a row.

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